What is the difference between rude, mean and bullying?

rude, mean, bully

In recent months there has been significant news coverage related to incidents of bullying in schools. Without downplaying these reported incidents of bullying, it is my experience that the term ‘bullying’ is being used incorrectly by both adults and children to describe situations that are rude or mean. It is important for adults to use […]

From the WE Team!

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We rang in 2019 at Star with guest speaker Mark Quattrocchi from ME to WE visiting our school. Mark is a motivational speaker, sharing with us ways to create change in the world by turning passions into action. Mark is inspirational and engaging when sharing his adventures. One day he got on his bicycle and […]

Health and Wellness Day at Star!

Health and wellness day at Star!

Health and wellness day at Star featured many exciting activities! We had a special guest visit from St. John Ambulance, therapy dog ‘Tux’! Tux told us ‘his’ story, and even offered to read stories with us – one of his special talents! Star staff incorporated many facets of wellness into classroom activities for the day, […]

MindCALM visits Star

Relaxation techniques for the classroom.

This week, Emma Fogel, a Clinical Social Worker with the Social Work Consulting Group and Manager of the MindCALM programme, visited Star and spoke to the Kinders and Primaries about emotions. During this workshop, students were able to make connections to the movie, Inside Out. Ms. Fogel referred to the Inside Out characters as friends […]

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Weekly Newsletters help families keep in touch with their child's education.

Communication with your child’s teacher is an important part of their education. As an administrator, I enjoy reading our weekly notes that teachers send out. They provide parents with a snapshot into their child’s week, pictures of some of the activities they enjoyed, and develop the relationship between parents and their child’s teacher. Parents look […]

Star Academy and Compass Food Bank

leadership club at Star

Star’s Academy’s Leadership Club held a food drive the first week of October for the Compass Food Bank. We exceeded our goal of donations and were proud to be a part of helping our community. Students learned about the need for food banks in our community and the importance of helping others.

Terry Fox Run at Star Academy

All grades participate in giving back with the Terry Fox Run.

Star Academy students participated in the Terry Fox School Run on Friday, September 28th. Children aged 3 to 13 ran alongside teachers, wearing badges to show their support for Terry and others who have fought cancer. Students were encouraged to “Be Like Terry”, and united as a school, demonstrating a great sense of community and […]

Giving Back and Our Pillars

We Day Toronto 2018

The back-to-school season brings with it much enthusiasm, somewhat like the ‘new year’.  At Star, we find it an important season for working on values with our students, as well as developing a sense of belonging and encouraging everyone to be a contributing community member.  These traits draw on our Global, Social and Emotional Pillars and together help to […]

Kindergarten, Something for Everyone!

Hands on group work outside today.

Kindergarten is a magical time for a magical age.  But just because we have ‘grown up’, doesn’t mean we can revel in the enjoyment of that formative time in our education, there is something for everyone in the Kindergarten room! Arts and crafts –  Music and drama –  Reading, writing, and arithmetic? – , , […]