Zoom Meeting

Learning in the Era of Self-Isolation

Another week of self-isolation has meant many things to different families.  As people around the world are learning to adjust to working and learning from home, we have all had many new trials and tribulations.  Human connection, even in self-isolation, is an important feature of coping with this time, and we hope that you and your child have enjoyed the Zoom video conferencing meetings, and group chats with our teachers and staff this week. 

One question that keeps arising is ‘how’ do we explain this to our children.  We don’t think there is one right answer as the dynamics in your family, the age of your children, and your own perspective will influence ‘how much’ your child is emotionally able to manage.  It is important to talk about what is happening with our families and to ensure everyone is managing.  There are many good articles, from HBR’s likening of our emotions to grief, to the Globe and Mail’s weekend article on how to help your child deal with the disappointment of the things they are currently missing. 

As a school, Star is aiming to provide our students with routine, structure, and connection to their ‘normal’ school life, to the best of our ability.  Our staff have been amazing at embracing the change and rallying together to share ideas and resources to continually improve programming.  Routine is important to children, and while it is certainly different, establishing a routine that works for your family at home is important.  Build-in daily fitness such a throwing a ball in the backyard, hitting tennis balls against a wall, walking the dog, or do a yoga or Zumba video with your child. 

Remember that when the world comes out of this, and the pandemic is over, we will have made new connections with our family in ways that we never imagined.  The memories of this time will stay with your family forever.  We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Julie and Heather