Microsoft, WE Foundation, Hacking Stem, and Micro:bit PD for Star!

This past weekend was full of inspiration as Heather and I attended the Microsoft TransformEd Class of 2030 Summit.  We were excited to meet so many innovative educators and sponsors, Microsoft, WE Foundation, Hacking Stem and Fair Chance Learning.  The day was filled with learning relating to the values and pillars that are important at Star Academy.

Aside from being lucky in the prize department (we have brought home several sets of ‘Micro:bits’), we also learned ‘how’ to use them in multiple applications.  We coded, both Block and Python, we created simulated brain models with our Hacking Stem kits to test concussion activity with our Micro:bits, and learned how to apply our Micro:bits for Social Emotional Learning activities in the classroom.  Watch for news about how we are using our new tech toys in the coming months!

Another exciting platform we learned and will be sharing with staff and students is an application called ‘Flipgrid’.  We’ve already thought of many ways to use this in the classroom and beyond.

The day was more than just cool tech toys; the overall theme was on the future of education considering the learners for the class of 2030.  The day supported Inquiry-Based Learning, as 150 adults learned new ‘tech skills’, and we had to demonstrate our Growth Mindsets, not Fixed! Core skills for Inquiry-Based Learning, as posted at Microsoft:

  • Be curious
  • Ask questions
  • Develop frustration resistance
  • Exercise patient problem solving
  • Work in a real-world context
  • Craft conceptual framework
  • Articulate what you think is truth
  • Relate your understanding to something else

It was a Saturday was well spent and we look forward to rolling out our new learning soon!