Learn to Love to Learn™

From an early age, children have a natural curiosity to learn.  Then why do they stop loving it?

As a student, I thought this was a given….why wouldn’t everyone love to learn?  Then I started teaching and realized many children don’t!  What horror!  It seems some children don’t love going to school, don’t love their teachers, and aren’t inspired by activities in their classrooms.
Well, that needs to change.  How do children Learn to Love to Learn™?  To love learning, kids need to feel safe, be inspired, and have fun.  Time to do examine the classroom environment.

  1. Safeare teachers creating an environment where children feel safe to take risks, share ideas, collaborate with others? Does everyone have a voice, are all ideas valued?  Classrooms, where children feel safe, have teachers that help them feel that way.  Maybe students need teachers that value their ideas and opinions and encourage them to share.
  1. Inspired-are lessons taught with thought-provoking ideas and materials that could lead to brainstorming and suggestion? Or are lessons static, old, boring?  Children have a fast-paced, inspiring existence outside of the classroom using technology -are we challenging them with ideas and problems in the classroom?  Investigative, inquiry and project-based learning are exciting, hands-on methodologies that children are inspired and excited by, projects such as ‘Genius Hour’.
  1. Fun-are teachers creating learning situations with a balance of activities that are fun, engaging, creative, and offer something for everyone? Are new ideas, new teaching practices, student-centred and directed activities offered as a part of the learning?  Everyone responds better when they enjoy what they do-does your child enjoy their learning experiences?

It may sound oversimplified, but the key to loving to learn isn’t hard.  Like all things we love, learning needs to make us feel happy, excited, interested, engaged and valued.  If a school can make your child feel that way, then your child is on their path to lifelong learning!