Annual Spring Fun Fair Fun

DJ, rock climbing, slide, fun fair

The Annual Fun Fair was a great way to spend a warm June evening!  We were fortunate to have Phil from Chuck & Chops join us for the BBQ, Brent from Blackrock Climbers bring their rock wall and Mr. Shao acting as our DJ!  We thank everyone for their contributions and support for the evening.  Our […]

Art Crawl Showcase at Star!

art, art crawl, sculpture, 3D, weaving

Our first Art Crawl was full of fun and surprises!  Art samples from Kindergarten to Grade 8 were on display:  sculpture and weaving, painting and pastels, paper making and more.  In addition, creative sides were shown with coding, music, dance and drama.  Students walked parents through the event explaining work and demonstrating how to activate […]

21st Century Skills and Arts Education

21st century arts education collaboration 22st century learning skills

A 21st-century twist on an old idea; rather than a Spring Concert which showcases student work, an Art Crawl that uses multimedia, highlights coding and demonstrates creativity in many ways.  The idea of ‘doing things differently’ has always had an appeal, so thinking outside of the box appeals both to how our children learn and how […]

We love the outdoors!

lunch, outdoors, picnic

There is nothing like a picnic and Star Students have enjoyed lunch in the great outdoors this past week!  With warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine, we’ve been lucky to enjoy our green space for recess, outdoor education, gym classes, and lunch!  Students are reminded to wear sunscreen and bring a hat!  Some have even […]

Mommy and Me, Yoga and Tea!

Just in time for Mother’s Day the Kindergarten and Primary classes celebrated moms with a special yoga morning and tea party!  It was lots of fun spending this special time together!  We wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

Grandparents-Back to School!

Grandparents Day was a huge success on May 3rd at Star Academy!  They came back to school and joined into lessons, they were guest speakers, story readers, artists, gardeners, and some even carpenters-helping their grandchildren build new planters for our garden!  Grandparents noticed how times had changed, the use of laptops, iPads, and Smartboards being evident […]

Learn to Love to Learn™

From an early age, children have a natural curiosity to learn.  Then why do they stop loving it? As a student, I thought this was a given….why wouldn’t everyone love to learn?  Then I started teaching and realized many children don’t!  What horror!  It seems some children don’t love going to school, don’t love their […]

Earth Day at Star

Taking care of and respecting the environment is something our students learn about not only on Earth Day but throughout the year through our Outdoor Education Programme.  At Star our students are taught to realize that there are many ways they can personally protect the Earth.  For example, vermicomposting and growing vegetables in our school garden.  On April […]

Science is Awesome!

Science Fair saw Star students completing an amazing array of research and experimentation.  From driving questions, to interpreting results and preparing for oral presentations to peers and parents, our students wowed us!  Science has a way of bringing out a natural curiosity in children.

Bonhomme visits Star Academy!

Bonhomme made a special appearance at Star Academy for our Winter Carnaval last week!  He was thrilled with the French Canadian lunch, including homemade Tourtiere!  Bonhomme arrived just as our French assembly was winding down, stayed for lots of pictures, and even joined in for some of the special activities.  After he handed out special […]